Derby Revolution 2016 23/24/25/26th of June

The Derby Revolution is back!

You have had to wait for it for some time, but in 2016, the Derby Revolution is back! For the 4th time (since 2012!) we bring you the best coaches and trainers in the world to up your level of derby. 4 days of on skate classes, off skate workouts, seminars, social gatherings and scrimmages with skaters from all over Europe (and the world, really). For now, save the dates - tickets and information will be launched soon!

Work on your derby

The Revolution is the place to learn from the best skaters and trainers from all over the world. Brush up on your basics, learn & finetune new skills, pick up drills and gain tons of skating experience.

Skate together

Skate with and learn from players and trainers from all over the world. Then join your (new) friends at the Bar Crawl, themed parties, Bruges events.. Connect, block, score and enjoy!


The Revolution is for everyone. We do not discriminate. We welcome women, men, everybody - beginners, intermediate ànd advanced skaters!

Learn from the best!
Tony Muse

Technique, control and patience

Shaina Serelson

Offense, blocking, world domination

Laci Knight

Body control, strength and leadership