You can get your tickets below! 

Whether you want to join as a skater, spectator, official, coach or derby lover – there is an option for you. Once you are at the event, you can join the events associated with you ticket, without any worry about your budget!   

Just join the Derby Revolution and have the best time!

Skater Pass: If you’re on skates, you have unlimited access to all classes, both on and off skates, social events and open scrimmages. 4 tracks, minimum 8 hours a day. NO extra fees for classes or seminars.

Weekend pass: € 100    ★    4 Day Pass: € 150

 Referee Pass: Referees will have their own program dedicated to the art of officiating, including seminars and on-skates training. They can officiate in scrimmages and, of course, attend all social events. Do note that if you want to take skater classes too, you’ll need a Skater Pass (you will not be able to get in a skater session with a Referee Pass).

Weekend pass: € 50    ★    4 Day Pass: € 75

Spectator Pass: If you’re not on skates, whether you’re an injured skater, coach, nso or simply a fan, you can attend the revolution as a spectator. You will be granted access to all off-skates classes, seminars and social events and can cheer on your friends during open scrimmages. NO extra fees for classes or seminars.

Spectator Pass: €75 (for the 4 days!)