Derby Revolution loves referees! We provide our beloved zebras with a full ref program (including scrimmages). NSO’s are included as well.

With Roller Derby evolving so quickly in Europe, the cry for serious and educated officials has never been so loud. Great games come from the combo of awesome teams and exquisite officials, both alike. Learn how to properly prep for a bout as an NSO, digg into the psychological aspect of refereeing and practice on skates referee skills & drills on our WFTDA regulated track.

To top it off, you can take the official WFTDA Certification test! With a whole lot of European WFTDA Sanctioned bouts and tournaments in sight, this is your ticket to the next step in officiating and receiving your x Level certification.


Riff Reff - Officials Coach


One of the most experienced officials on the Old Continent. Despite his young looks the man started reffing in 2008!
He was Stuttgart Valley’s Head of Officials from 2008-2012. He reffed at Europe’s first ever tournament Roll Britannia in 2009, the World Cup 2011 in Toronto, was a Crew Head Ref in both European WFTDA tournaments (Track Queens 2012 and Skate Odyssey 2013) and recently the Tournament Head Ref at the first Dutch Championships. He is one of few WFTDA certified referees in Europe (since 2013). he’s been training and teaching officials all over Europe since 2010.

Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz






Pussy Panzerfaust has to be one of our favorite flamingo’s. She joined the Pink Army 2011 with full dedication. NSO’ing the first bouts in France, she’s come very far – From HNSO’ing the French Connection to being selected to NSO at the first World Cup in Toronto, Canada. Amonst her +130 bouts as an NSO we count the major WFTDA Tournaments like Track Queens in Berlin and the Skate Odyssey Tournament in Gent.

Let’s also mention she’s a MRDA recognized official, with two MERDC bouts on her CV and the upcoming men’s World Cup in sight.
Having covered every NSO position in her career, she’ll tweak you into the best official you can ever be.






Check out the roster of certified officials. You can find more info about the certification levels and FAQ’s on the WFTDA website.



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