NebrAss Kick’r

  • League: Roller Girls of the Apocalyps (Kaiserslautern, DE)
  • Skating since: 2008


NebrAss Kick’r has two seemingly clashing passions in her life: roller derby and yoga. They both allow her to blow off steam from everyday life, but are also surprisingly complementary: according to NebrAss Kick’r, yoga is the perfect mental ànd physical preparation for any game of derby. It not only helps to clear the soul and to relax, but also builds strength, balance and flexibility. As a registered teacher, she specializes in power Vinyasa yoga.

Originally from the States, where she skated with Dallas’s Assassination City Roller Derby, she followed her husband to Europe and now skates with a German league: Roller Girls of the Apocalypse, where she is Chairwoman and Captain of the travel team.

Kick’r’s sole quest at the Revolution is to introduce all of you to the ancient art of yoga and convert you to it. Our advice? Let her!

Rollergirls of the Apocalypse